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The Celpe Bras exam is created by the Ministery of Education and is the only official Portuguese as a Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate. 

There are four levels of proficiency:

  1. Intermediate

  2. Upper intermediate

  3. Advanced

  4. Upper advanced

The exam is administered in Brazil and other countries and finds place twice a year, around April and around October. ​

The certificate is accepted by companies and educational institutions all over the world where Portuguese proficiency is needed.

If you plan to study on a Brazilian university, it can be requiered to provide your results of the Celpe Bras exam. Mostly this applies for graduation courses and post-graduation programs. 

We at Fala Aí created grouplessons espacially to prepare you for the Celpe Bras exams. We exclusively use material that is approved by the Ministery of Education. 

If you prefer to prepare for the exam individually we can also help you with this. 

Get in touch with the school and we will provide you all the information you need.