Group Classes

Portuguese for foreigners regular classes with fixed schedule, small groups of 3 to 8 students, so the teacher can really give you special attention. You will learn in a fun and enjoyable way, talking about practical and current issues, in a space created to make you feel at ease to train and build confidence to maintain a dialogue in Portuguese. You will receive the didactic course material, which will be used as the basis for lessons. Reading and writing are also our focus, so in your daily life you will be able to handle many different situations. We work with two different programs:

Intensive Program

This is the Intensive program of Fala Aí Portuguese School. Group lessons from Monday to Friday with 3:00 hours a day, 15 hours per week. Intensive program was developed for those who wish to learn Portuguese quickly and efficiently, either to use at work, to live with Brazilians or simply to learn a new language. The Fala Aí teaching method has been approved and proven by our students over the years, we had the opportunity and happiness to help people from all over the world to achieve the goal of learning Portuguese.

Regular Program

This program was developed for those who need to reconcile the study of Portuguese with other activities such as work, university, sports, among others. Thus, the regular program requires less time for the student, with classes only 3 times a week, the duration of the classes is 2:00 hours, 6 hours per week. In this way the estimated time per level is 5 weeks. Contact us to schedule a free trial class.


R$ 800,00

30 hours of classes per month

3 Classes per week

Private Classes

We offer different options to learn Portuguese with us. If you prefer to have individual and more intensive classes we offer private packages. In private lessons we offer home-classes or classes at our school. Home classes means that you choose the place where you want to take the class. This can either be in your home or your office but it can also be at another place where you feel comfortable to learn. This way you spare time to travel to the school. If you prefer private lessons in a traditional class room you’re very welcome to come to our school to take classes. With private lessons our learning method has also proven to be very effective.

Private lessons focus primarily on quick understanding of Portuguese. Our teachers are advised to speak only Portuguese in class to encourage students to learn to communicate quickly in Portuguese. Translation into English or another language is an exception, our teachers have techniques that facilitate student comprehension without having to use this feature.

Our courseware aims to serve as a grammatical aid for the student, we are interested in teaching students to speak, but mostly understand the reason behind the way of speaking Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to having complementary materials ranging from text to videos, music and cultural tips.

You can subscribe for a free trial class and know our work.


10h + Book: R$700

Online Classes

Besides the convenience and economy of doing lessons at home or at work, with online classes we can reach a greater number of students interested in learning our language, anywhere in the world. We work with packages of 10 hours, when you buy the package we send you an email then you can schedule your classes. Contact us to try one hour for free and learn the Portuguese of Brazil rapidly and effectively. We have the best software to teach Portuguese for foreigners.

10h + Book: R$700

Celpe Bras

The Celpe Bras exam is created by the Ministry of Education and is the only official Portuguese as a Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate. The exam is administered in Brazil and other countries and finds place twice a year, around April and around October.

The certificate is accepted by companies and educational institutions all over the world where Portuguese proficiency is needed.

If you plan to study on a Brazilian university, it can be required to provide your results of the Celpe Bras exam. Mostly this applies for graduation courses and post-graduation programs.

We at Fala Aí created group lessons especially to prepare you for the Celpe Bras exams. We exclusively use material that is approved by the Ministry of Education. 

If you prefer to prepare for the exam individually we can also help you with this. 

Get in touch with the school and we will provide you all the information you need.