4 Albuns To Know Brazilian Music

We have 4 suggestions for those who want to get to know Brazilian music. They are extremely important albums not only for music but also for Brazilian culture. From these works it is easier to find out about the different styles of rich Brazilian music.

1. Getz / Gilberto – 1964
It was the album that popularized Bossa Nova around the world, one of the best selling Jazz albums of all time. The album features João Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Stan Getz and the legendary Tom Jobim. This was the only Brazilian music album to win a Grammy for Best Album.

2. Acabou Chorare – 1972
Recorded by the band Novos Baianos, it was elected by Rolling Stone Brasil as the best Brazilian album of all times. A wonderful mix of styles, arrangements, samba and guitar solos.

3. Tropicalia ou Panis et Circencis – 1968
The album, which was a musical manifesto of the Tropicalismo movement, featured artists Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Nara Leão, Os Mutantes and Tom Zé – accompanied by poets Capinam and Torquato Neto, and maestro Rogério Duprat.

4. Construção – 1971
Construção is an album by singer and composer Chico Buarque, released in 1971 and composed in periods between Chico’s exile in Italy and his return to Brazil. Lyrically, the album is fraught with criticism of the current military regime.