Christmas Traditions in Brazil

1. Christmas Dinner

Since antiquity, Europeans used to leave their doors open in December to receive travelers. They ate with the family and slept to leave the next morning. This custom became the Christmas dinner: a dinner that gathers friends and family at the same table. Some traditional dishes in Brazil are turkey and cod with potatoes.

2. Santa Claus

Inspired by São Nicolau, a bishop of Mira who lived around AD 300, he was famous for distributing gifts to needy children and for helping financially poor people. He used to leave a bag of coins in the chimney of the homes of those who needed money. Already in modern times, a famous Coca-Cola marketing campaign consolidated the image of Santa Claus that we see today.

3. Christmas Tree

The tree as a Christmas ornament began to become a tradition in the Middle Ages in the year 1530. It is said that Martin Luther used to walk through a forest where there were many pine trees, he looked at the sky and saw several stars. He then decided to take a pine tree to the house and place a star on top, to symbolize his vision of the star that guided the three magicians to Jesus, as the Bible tells us.

4. Christmas Gifts

The tradition is to give toys to children and exchange gifts with loved ones. A very common game at Christmas is the hidden friend, where the names of the participants draw among themselves and each one presents the drawn hidden friend.

5. Christmas Wreath or Wreath

Made of green branches intertwined with cypress, the Christmas wreath, also known as Garland, was used by the ancient Romans. They put it on their doorsteps as a sign of health for their residents.