Today we are going to talk about one of the most famous and traditional dishes of Brazilian cuisine. Feijoada is a dish that consists of a stew of black beans with various types of pork, such as: ear, legs, ribs, loin, sausage and also dried beef. It is served with farofa, white rice, braised cabbage and sliced ​​orange, among other side dishes.

It is a dish that can be found all over Brazil, in restaurants it is very common to have a feijoada day, usually on Fridays and weekends. Another tradition is samba with feijoada, large samba houses promote events with samba and feijoada. It is also a typical dish to welcome people home for parties and celebrations.

There are different versions of the feijoada origin story. Popular legend says that feijoada was created by slaves, they used the parts of the pig that were supposedly discarded by their landlords, such as the head and legs, and cooked them mixed with black beans. Another theory is that feijoada is a local adaptation of the Portuguese stew – in Europe at the time, other dishes appeared, joining varied meats and beans (white beans), as is also the case with cassoulet, originally from France. Regardless of its origin, feijoada is a delicious and unmissable dish