We had an excellent conversation with Adree Wong. He is Chinese, is living in Rio de Janeiro and tells us a little about his experience.

Why do you live in Rio de Janeiro?
Because I teach Chinese at a university in Brazil.

Why did you decide to learn Brazilian Portuguese?
Because I am more interested in small languages, and the prospect of learning Portuguese is great, and learning Portuguese is also easier to understand other Indo-European languages. Of course, studying Portuguese in Brazil is essential.

Is life in Brazil very different from life in China?
In Rio, life is still very different. Life in São Paulo and most cities in China are more similar. Rio has more natural landscapes, a variety of beaches, and a variety of mountains. You can climb mountains and hike. People also prefer outdoor sports and their life rhythm is relatively slow.

Do you find it difficult to learn Brazilian Portuguese?
I think it depends on whether the motivation to learn Portuguese is strong. Any language is not simple, but if you need to study hard and study hard, it will not be a difficult task.

What cultural shock have you suffered in your life in Rio de Janeiro?
Most of the situation is okay, because of its open mind. The biggest cultural shock is that people often ask “Can I kiss you” on the road or at parties. People are more open about the relationship between men and women.

What are the positive aspects of life in Rio de Janeiro?
Rio is rich in natural resources, such as mountains, sea, waterfalls, and forests. People are also very enthusiastic, friendly, and kind. Everyone is very happy, and life in Rio will be very happy. People like dancing and music, and there are more parties and bars. There are also various cuisines of the world, as well as rich culture and art, and there are many museums to visit.

What are the disadvantages?
Public transportation is expensive; not all places are safe and you need to be careful on the road; many shops are closed on Sunday; many homeless people beg on the road; mobile payment is not yet popular.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to learn Portuguese?
There are no shortcuts to learning a language, so the most important thing is to persevere. Every day you must continue to learn to make more progress.

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