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Private Classes

We  offer different options to learn Portuguese with us. If you prefer to have individual and more intensive classes we offer private packages. In private lessons we offer home-classes or classes at our school. Home classes means that you choose the place where you want to take the class. This can either be in your home or your office but it can also be at another place where you feel comfortable to learn. This way you spare time to travel to the school. If you prefer private lessons in a traditional class room you´re very welcome to comem to our school to take classes. With private lessons our learning method has also proven to be very effective.
Private lessons focus primarily on quick understanding of Portuguese. Our teachers are advised to speak only Portuguese in class to encourage students to learn to communicate quickly in Portuguese. Translation into English or another language is an exception, our teachers have techniques that facilitate student comprehension without having to use this feature.
Our courseware aims to serve as a grammatical aid for the student, we are interested in teaching students to speak, but mostly understand the reason behind the way of speaking Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to having complementary materials ranging from text to videos, music and cultural tips.
You can subscribe for a free trial class and know our work.