Faunas in Rio de Janeiro

Have you heard of Maritaca? And the Mico-leão-dourado (golden lion tamarin)? These are some of the incredible animals that are part of the fauna of our city. You can find some of them in the middle of nature, hiking or even going to the zoo.

In this post we will introduce you to other incredible animals that you probably didn’t know were part of the fauna of our city, and if you are in Rio, you can even see some of them up close!


Maritaca has many other names, everything depends on the region. They are different birds than parrots and are known to scream a lot. Here in Rio, you may hear that someone who talks a lot is a maritaca.

TATU (Armadillo)

Armadillos are small and agile, they are very important as they help in the control of flora by feeding on insects. Its main foods are ants and termites.


Ah, Sabiá! The beautiful bird known for its beautiful song. If you haven’t heard it, it’s worth looking on YouTube or taking a walk on the Tijuca trails.

MICO-LEÃO-DOURADO (Golden Lion Tamarin)

The famous golden lion tamarin has been on the cover of several postcards from our city. He is known for his large, orange mane. It can be found in the part of the Atlantic forest present here in Rio.

GARÇA (Heron)

Herons love to flock. They feed on fish and you will probably see one in rivers, lakes, standing around looking for your next meal.

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