How to rent a bike in Rio de Janeiro

The City of Rio de Janeiro has a bicycle rental system that is very popular around the world. In Rio it is called Bike Itaú. To rent a bicycle is very simple: you can use your credit card directed at any of the terminals or download the app, to register in the app you need a number of CPF (Brazilian document) if you do not have it is also possible to register with the passport number. Rio de Janeiro has bike paths along the entire coast from Aterro do Flamengo to Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach, another excellent place for a bike ride is Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, located in the south of the city. Cycling is an ecological, economical and very pleasant way to get around the city. Take advantage of this tip to exercise and enjoy.

How to rent a bike in Rio de Janeiro learn portuguese

There are many rental stations close to our school in the heart of Copacabana. Feel free to pop in and say Ola!