Rio de Janeiro Summer 2021

According to Climatempo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the summer will be very hot and rainy.

The summer 2020/2021 will be influenced by the La Niña phenomenon, which will influence the climate throughout the season, but will slowly weaken until the end of March.

In general, the phenomenon, which is characterized by sub-normal temperature in the central portion of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, facilitates the organization of moisture convergences over the Southeast Region of Brazil, which generates areas of persistent rain.

The South Atlantic Convergence Zone (ZCAS) is a typical summer phenomenon that influences the state of Rio de Janeiro, but ocean conditions during summer 2021 will not be favorable for the organization of this system.

Cold fronts pass along the coast of Rio de Janeiro during the summer and help to form areas of instability over the interior of the continent, causing generalized rain.

The hot and humid air, typical of summer, stimulates the growth of large cumulonimbus clouds that often cause storms with heavy rain in a short time, lightning and strong gusts of wind.

The summer ends at 6:38 am on March 20, 2021.