Spring in Rio de Janeiro

Spring in the southern hemisphere begins on September 22 and runs through December 21. This season brings a mild weather and the beauty of the flowers.

Rio de Janeiro is a city that does not have a bad weather, any season of the year is conducive to tourism, but spring has some special aspects that invite the tour. The beaches and parks are again in demand and have more colors and activities.

Here are 3 tour tips to do in the spring of Rio.

Jardim Botânico

Every year the place celebrates the arrival of spring with a special program, inviting those who pass by to plant seedlings and participate in various activities in celebration of Arbor Day, such as trails, educational videos on the preservation of flora and care.

In addition, the park is a great place to stroll without obligation, observe the more than 9 thousand botanical specimens of more than 1500 species, have a picnic and relax. Take the opportunity to visit the Orchidarium, with beautiful flowers.

Parque Lage

Within the Tijuca Forest, there are 93,500 square meters of green area with plants and flowers, from reforestation, ideal for those who love being in contact with nature.

Perfect for the whole family, with a playground for children, trails for adventurers, a place for breakfast, beautiful paths and views, art, architecture and romance, all in one place.

Parque Nacional da Tijuca

Of course, the parks are the best indication of walking in the spring, so there is one more indication to enjoy, the Tijuca National Park. During this period, for example, it is possible to see species of migratory birds such as the Hawk-bombachinha; Bathing in waterfalls, which are better at favorable temperatures such as those recorded from that season, until summer and of course, with the walk between Cachoeiras do Horto as one of the most sought after; More than 200 km of trails for those who like to enjoy nature more closely and explore the various degrees of difficulty.

Parque Lage Spring in Rio de Janeiro