How to Get Organized to Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is not easy, and requires much more than study. Organization, focus and patience are also essential points for you to learn a new language with mastery. We then separated some points on how you can organize to learn quickly and accurately, so that you know where to start and how.

1 – Define your schedule and the duration of your studies.

It is very important to create a schedule in which you can manage your study schedule. What will you study, what time, what material will you use etc. Everything needs to be defined so that you don’t lose your focus during the study.

Don’t forget to always respect this agenda. No skipping a day of class out of laziness, okay?

2 – Search for different resources. The more materials the better.

Practice with different materials, whether they are even movies, series, music and books. If you are taking classes at a school or with a private teacher ask for indications of what other material you can study to improve your learning.

Here at Fala Aí! we usually indicate readings of materials from Celpe Bras and the daily posts on our blog.

3 – Practice whenever you can.

At that point, if you have a friend to help you it will be even better, but if you don’t, you can practice alone with yourself. It is important to listen to audios and take notes on pronunciations.

It can be difficult at first, some people find it easy to learn a new language but the most important thing is: don’t give up! You will succeed.