5 Ways to study Portuguese during quarantine

1.Listen to Brazilian music. Brazilian culture is rich in music, there are several styles and amazing artists. Take the opportunity to discover excellent music and practice your Portuguese. Here is a link to a playlist of ours on spotfy.

2.Watch Brazilian series on netflix. Nowadays, streaming services offer many options of series and movies. Choose a Brazilian one and watch it with the original sound.

3. Read international books translated into Brasilian Portuguese. Quarantine is a perfect time to catch up on reading. International book translations usually contain simpler Portuguese. So you can enjoy reading to develop your Portuguese in an easy way.

4. Use language apps like duolingo.

5. Online classes with Fala Ai. The simplest and most effective way to study Portuguese is to attend online classes with Fala Aí. We have special prices for this period. To sign up or take any questions just contact us by email or whats app we are entirely available