How to prepare for Celpe-Bras

Celpe-Bras is the Portuguese language proficiency certificate for foreigners developed and awarded by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research. It is applied in Brazil and other countries with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. 1 – Start preparing by watching videos with Portuguese subtitles, write down the words you didn’t understand and write down what the main subject of the video is. 2 – Take old tests from Celpe-Bras, you can find them on the portal and on 3 – Try to practice conversation on different subjects, current topics and always try to compare the news from Brazil with the news from your country of origin. 4 – Make text of at least 3 paragraphs and each paragraph with at least two sentences. 5 – Study with Fala Aí, the best Portuguese course for foreigners and with the best results at Celpe-Bras. All of our students got the certificate. Schedule your trial class and come and prepare with us.