Registration open for Celpe-Bras

The proficiency exam in the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil (Celpe-Bras) opened its registration today. And we’re going to give you some tips to do well in the exam.

1- Apply on the first day to guarantee the location of your preferred application. For example, in Rio de Janeiro we have applicator posts at UFRJ, at Cidade Universitária, at UFF, in Niterói, and at UFRRJ, in Seropédica. Run and choose the station closest to your home. Registration is on the website

2- Practice understanding of Portuguese, whether in videos, music or conversations with native Brazilians. The greater your understanding, the better you will do on the test.

3- Write opinion texts, also train yourself to write emails (a very popular genre at Celpe-Bras).

4- Stay calm on the day of the race, do not risk too much vocabulary that you are not sure. Try to speak fluently without worrying about mistakes.

5- Schedule your experimental class with the best Portuguese school for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro and get your certificate. We have 100% approval at Celpe-Bras!

Celpe-Bras - Certificado de Proficiência em Língua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros