Top 5 Kiosks in Rio de Janeiro’s Beaches

The combination of the beach with the two-tone Portuguese stones and the kiosks forms the world famous edge of Rio de Janeiro. The most classic ones are the perfect pit stop for coconut water and a portion of snacks, but in recent years the gastronomic scene in Rio has been upgraded with gourmet kiosks. The structure by the sea added to the restaurant menu pleases both Cariocas and tourists. The result is a great option for the post-beach or to enjoy the night with a tropical climate.

We selected 5 kiosks on several beaches for you to enjoy the edge of Rio in the best style and practice Portuguese:

1) Azur – Leblon
One of the first kiosks to open in the process of gourmetizing the waterfront, Azur brings visual inspiration from the French coast of Côte D’azur to Posto 11, in Leblon. The flavors are guaranteed by chef Pedro de Artagão, who signed a menu that explores the seafood. Expect to find options like Santa Catarina oysters and moquecas.

2) Pesqueiro – Praia da Reserva
The business that started as a trailer almost three decades ago today has established itself as one of the best gourmet kiosks in the city. At the tranquil Praia da Reserva, a special piece of Barra da Tijuca offers, as its name suggests, fresh seafood. You can enjoy appetizers, such as crab cakes, or a complete meal with plates of fish fillet, squid, octopus, prawns, mussels and crayfish.

3) Mureta do Leme – Leme
The Leme is a special corner of Copacabana Beach, and to enjoy it in the best style, the Mureta do Leme kiosk is well glued to the stone, offering a view with a privileged angle that takes the entire edge. On the menu, choose between drinks and snacks. For lunches during the week, there is the option of executive menu. Follow the schedule to stay on top of DJs and live music that take place on weekends.

4) Seu Vidal na Praia – Barra
Seu Vidal arrived in Rio successfully in Copacabana and Botafogo, and expanded the proposal to the beach with the kiosk in Barra da Tijuca, next to Posto 5. The proposal is the same: offering traditional sandwiches with author touches by chef Philipe Martins, but the beach menu also has exclusive news.

5) Gávea Beach Club – Leme, São Conrado and Barra
The Gávea Beach Club brings Mediterranean inspirations to the edge of Leme, São Conrado and Barra. In addition to the delicious experience of eating with a beautiful view, the Leme unit also offers a further differential: in the basement, you will find Taverna Del Mar, a Spanish gastronomy in the speakeasy style that only works at night.

Top 5 Kiosks in Rio de Janeiro's Beaches