Student Visas

If you want to study Portuguese with FALA AÍ for an extended period of time we can provide you with the necessary documents to apply for a Brazil student visa at your local Brazilian consulate or embassy before you arrive in Brazil or at the Federal Police here in Rio de Janeiro. As you might imagine, this involves a bureaucratic process which may take some time, so we recommend that you only go through this process if you plan to stay in Brazil for longer than 90 days and do not intend to travel to Brazil within the next few weeks. For shorter periods, we recommend entering the country on a tourist visa.

If you do wish to apply for a Brazil student visa, we can organise all the documents you need from an official language institute (which we are) here in Brazil, and send them to you (by express delivery) to facilitate the Brazil student visa application process in your home country. If you’re already in Brazil you can enter in contact with us to get the documents personally at the school.

Steps to obtain your Brazil Student Visa


Look up the consulate or embassy of Brazil in your home country and find out the requirements for obtaining a Brazil student visa. The paperwork requirements are different from country to country.

Choose your preferred course(s) and advise staff at FALA AÍ which level course you would like to join, what date you would like start and how long you wish to study.
Book and pay for your course.

Email your receipt of payment to

Fala Aí staff will send the required documents for your Brazil student visa by express delivery. Or if you’re already in the country we will meet with you personally to hand over the documents.
Once you have received your documents, you will need to visit the Brazilian consulate or embassy in your home country. Please make sure you fully read the information on their website and prepare all of the required documents prior to your appointment.
When you arrive in Brazil and go through immigration, you will be told that you have 30 days to register your Brazil student visa with the Polícia Federal. You will need to make an appointment and go to the Polícia Federal department at Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport.
Typically 2-3 months after your Polícia Federal visit, you will be notified by the Polícia Federal (for example, by email) that you can return to collect your Brazil student visa card.

How to renew your student visa

Renewing a student visa in Brazil is probably not the same process as it was when you applied for your student visa in your home country. That’s why here we’ll explain step by step how the process goes.

But please realise that the rules here at the Policia Federal may change weekly and the process as it’s written here is not exactly how the current process may be.

Step One: Become a student at Fala Aí and ask us for the letter you will need from a school that you’re wanting to learn Portuguese. To become a student at Fala Aí all you have to do is enter in contact with us through WhatsAppFacebook or Email. we offer a free trial class to test your level and give you an advice about what would be best for your personal study process.

Step Two: Enter the website from here you click on `imigração then carteira de registro nacional after this prenchimento formulário. You fill in the whole form, do this with attention cause one little error and they make you go home and do it all again. When it’s all filled in you need to print the form to bring to your appointment. After this you can schedule an appointment by clicking on agendar. If possible try to make an appointment for about 8 to 10 days later because you will need to go to the city center to get a certidão criminal da justiça estadual which takes about 5 business days to get ready; more on that at step three. When you have scheduled your appointment you get to a webpage with the date and time of your appointment. You must print this page as well.

After you have done all these steps you click on imprimir GRU this is for the tax that you need to pay in order to apply for the visa, which is about 210R$. Here also fill in the form, then print it and go to a loteria or bank to pay the tax. Do this before your appointment and bring the receipt!

Step Three: Get your certidões the first one is the certidão da justiça federal. This one you can get easily on – follow the instructions and print the page when done.

The second one is kind of a hassle, the certidões criminais da justiça estadual. You can get these at the city center at Oficio de distribuição. (Avenida Almirante Barroso 90, 2nd floor)

These certidões will cost you a little bit less than 400R$, they ask you to fill in a form with some personal information. Make sure all the information matches your earlier visa apply! If there is one slight error they really make you do it again, and you’d have to pay the fee of c.400R$ AGAIN. When you filled in the form and paid the fee they’ll tell you when you can pick up the certidões. Usually this takes about a week

Tip: The office is about 20-30 min walking distance from the Santos Dumont airport. So when you have made your appointment for about a week later after 12 o’clock you can go early to the office to pick up the certidões and go straight to Santos Dumont.

Step Four: Here you collect all the other documents you will need in order to be able to apply for the visa. Here’s a list with all documents you’ll need:

  • Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório (your identity card that you got when you arrived).
  • 2 passport pictures 3×4 à a white background is required!
  • The prove that you have paid the tax (GRU)
  • The form you filled in at the website with a print of date and time of your appointment
  • The certidões
  • The letter of Fala Aí where we declare that you’re a student with us for the hours required to have a right to a student visa.
  • Proof of subsistence; proof that you have enough money to be able to stay here for the time your visa is valid. This should be around 3000R$ monthly. A print screen of the saldo of your bank account with your name on it will serve.
  • Proof of address; normally an electricity bill or a rent lease with your name on it will serve. If you don’t have any of these, ask the person where you live to write you a letter to declare that you live there, and bring the electricity bill with this person’s name on it.
  • In case you are responsible for the care of a child you’ll need an indication for this.

The last step would be show up on your appointment on time with ALL the documents required. Check, check and double check before you go cause it would be a waste of at least half your day if not everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

If you have any follow up questions we at Fala aí would be happy to try and help you. In case you have done the process recently, and have noticed a change in the process explained above please let us know too.