Fala Aí!

Portuguese Language School

Group Classes

The Advanced Portuguese in 2 Months Program. Dynamic, fun classes with videos and interaction between students.

Private Classes

Private lessons, where you can develop at your own pace. Classes can be taught according to your interests and needs.

Student Visas

If you want to study for an extended period of time we can provide you with the necessary documents to apply for a Brazil student visa.

Fala Aí is a Portuguese language school for foreigners located in Copacabana, near Siqueira Campos metro station. It was created in January 2016 and has since helped countless people from all over the world to achieve their goal of learning Portuguese. Our students have proven that it is possible to learn Portuguese in a short time and in an effective way with our teaching method.

During the classes we deal with various topics that relate to the culture and daily life of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in general. Therefor the students live a full  ́Brazilian ́ experience by understanding not only the language but also the culture, and it’s expressions.

Our goal is to make the student feel comfortable to learn the language, so we create the best possible atmosphere, with entertainment, interaction and content.

We offer students various outdoor activities, besides indicating the best things to do and to know in Rio de Janeiro. We understand that this learning time should also be light and fun so that the student will keep this unforgettable experience forever.


Every now and then we organize activities throughout the city for our students for a fair price. This is great to practice the language in other circumstances, get to know each other outside the class room and make new friends.


We are a small local language school located in the heart of Copacabana. For those who want to learn Portuguese in a personal, dynamic and familiar ambiance, Fala ai is the go-to place.


Fala Aí was created by Brazilians and planned by a Portuguese professor. Our methodology was designed to be effective and faster than the others. With us you learn Portuguese in less time and more dynamically.


We are one of the most affordable schools Rio’s south zone. We keep our prices low for everybody to be able to study while maximising your time and enjoyment of our Cidade Maravilhosa.


We offer group classes or individual classes. To find out more click here.

For course pricing click here.

Yes, both group and individual packages will be valid for a maximum of 45 days after your first class.

Yes, with each package you purchase you have the right of one book, which we will hand out to you. The teacher might use other materials in the class, we will not charge you for this.

For our most recent time schedule we kindly ask you to contact us through our website for our staff members to inform you about the timetable our actual group classes.

No, all packages we sell are personal. In case you can’t complete your hours for some reason, we are not able to transfer the hours to another student.

With every group package we give the student one time to reschedule a class, if we are notified at least 24 hours before the class begins. With the individual package the student can reschedule two classes, also if we are notified at least 24 hours when the class begins.

We accept (almost) all foreign debit and credit cards, PayPal or bank transfers.

We are located at Avenida nossa senhora de Copacabana 661, on the main street of Copacabana close to the beach (posto 4) and metro station Siqueira Campos.

Yes, you can. There is the option for you to apply for the visa from another country, or from Brazil. Please get in touch with us for more information about this process.

I began my journey with Portuguese with a 3 week intensive course with Igor from Fala Portugues. The course was well delivered, with good documentation and at a challenging level.
I never felt that the class was moving too fast or we couldn't let the conversation naturally happen or lead away from the subject being studied.
Igor's is teaching really good (you’ll start to communicate fast, as lessons are really about using the language in a practical way), and apart from that he puts a lot of heart and energy in creating an amazing community of foreigners in Rio through his school. Participating in the course is a chance to not only learn Portuguese, but also to meet great people, who usually turn to be your friends (and that’s really helpful when you’re new in the city). Totally recommend the school. Saudades ♥️